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Adriano Adewale Group

Throw aside preconceived musical prejudices, abandon all attempts to catalogue: a rich chemistry of cultural influences is at work in this keenly awaited debut album from the Adriano Adewale Group. Rooted in the musical traditions of Nigeria, Angola and Brazil and infused with contemporary European classical and jazz styles, SEMENTES is a colourful cocktail of infectiously funky rhythms and intimate soulful ballads peppered with free-jazz improvisation.

SEMENTES is the work of percussionist and composer Adriano Adewale who steps out of his side-man role with the likes of Antonio Forcione, Monica Vasconcelos and Modeste Hughes to front his own outstanding international ensemble .

Adriano says: “The sound of this album is a reflection of my surroundings, my experience of living in London, my childhood in Brazil, my friends. It is this moment of my life. My concerns with environmental issues, with faith, with African-Brazilian and European identity. It is a birth, a sonic acknowledgement of experiences of my own personal life which I believe I share with many other people. My music relates to ‘world music’ in the sense that it has been composed in different countries and is influenced by different traditions. There are also elements of the jazz art form on this album, mainly in the strong sense of freedom, which can only be fully understood and felt when the players are not trying to create the moment but when the music is allowed to grow out of their hands. That is when expression begins to happen and the crafting takes the music to a different level of interaction, where artists construct and de-construct free of pre-conceptions.”

SEMENTES features afro-Brazilian Adriano Adewale on percussion and vocals, Australian Nathan Riki Thomson on double bass and flutes; Kadialy Kouyate from Senegal on Kora and vocals and fellow Brazilian Marcelo Andrade on sax, flutes and rabeca. SEMENTES also features guest artists: Italian guitar maestro Antonio Forcione and international jazz artist Gilad Atzmon, who also produces.

Adriano Adewale: Percussion / Vocals
Kadialy Kouyate: Kora / Vocals
Marcelo Andrade: Sax / Flute/ Rabeca
Nathan Riki Thomson: Double Bass / Flute

Special Guests:

Antonio Forcione: Acoustic Guitar
Gilad Atzmon: Clarinet/Accordion

Recorded at Eastcost Studios, London. January 2008 | Engineered by Philip Bagenal and Anna Tjan | Mixed by Philip Bagenal | Pre-production Adriano Adewale | Produced by Gilad Atzmon | Executive Producer Fiona Mason

All music composed by Adriano Adewale (with the exception of "Together" A. Adewale; N.R. Thomson; K. Kouyate; M. Andrade)

Original artwork by Clare Curtis

For press enquiries please contact: Helen Maleed
020 7732 4624 / 07986 235 855

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